Monday, November 28, 2011

Writing a Resume/Finding a Job

The first video is very helpful. It helped explaining how to write a resume step by step. It even told you how to look for jobs online, and to network for future jobs. The steps were very useful. Originally, I thought a resume was just typing your contact information and then job experiences, and education. The video explains how you do that, but in detail to get the readers attention. In the resume you want to make yourself look very good, so the reader will want to meet you in person and see if you are right for the job. I think this video is very useful for people trying to write a resume, and I would recommend this video to people of all ages. This video can definitely help someone get the job they want.

The second video kind of scared me a bit. The people in the video have made it sound like it is very hard to find a job. They say that most jobs you want will not be found online or in the newspaper. The best way to find a job is by word of mouth, to network. Tell people what kind of job you are looking for and ask them if they know of anything. This scares me for finding a job when i graduate from college. This video is still very useful, it may scare me but I think it is a positive effect because it has opened my eyes to what I will have to do when I graduate.
This video tells other information about resume's and advice in writing them. Again, I find this useful. They give good advice such as be honest, and to use key words to make the reader be interested in you. I will use this in the future when I write my own resume.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Resume Experience

I have absolutely no experience in writing a resume. I have been fortunate enough to have a job within my family businesses though out high school and college. I have never had to write a resume, so I wouldn't know where to begin. I have seen one of my friends write a resume when searching for a job after he finished college. It looked simple enough. He put information about himself, where he went to school, what his major was, all his past jobs with contact information.

I have not heard that much about resume's, except for how long they should be. I have always heard they should be no longer than one page. Now from class I know they should be longer than one page. Also, I've been told to join clubs and other activities. I've heard that you want to be in as many extra activities you can be in to make your resume look better.

I think the traditional resume would work best for me. If i were to write a resume today, I'm not sure my experience would be sufficient enough. My major is exercise and sport science and I am looking to be a physical therapist. I have no experience in that field yet. But if I were to write a resume now, I would write how I have an associates degree at Suny Orange and is currently enrolled at Coastal Carolina University. I would list specific classes that I have taken that are mainly for physical therapy or anything else under sports science. I would then write my job experiences. After that I would end it with extra activities I have been involved with recently.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Persuasive Writing

The persuasive letter I found is from a hotel persuading its audience with a relaxing vacation at their facility. The audience in this letter is to a business man. The approach to the audience is about taking a break from work and their home life by escaping to this hotel for a relaxing vacation that will change their stressful mood to an easy a carefree one. The way the person writes this message is basically saying "you have to take this opportunity to be relaxed". They refer their hotel to the BEST one out there in all ways including best service, best food, and everything else. I think this approach is decent, but it is just like other hotel offers. To improve this letter, the writer should specifically explain why their hotel is the best and exactly what they can offer their audience.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Negative Emotional Response

When I receive a negative message, my initial response is going to be negative as well. I go through different emotions depending on what the negative message is. I will either be upset, angry, or even confused. My response is not always the best way to respond. When I respond right away, with the negative emotions I feel at that time, my response is an ugly one. I can over react to the message and make the situation worse than it is.

For example, when my boyfriend and I get into arguments, sometimes we say things we do not mean because of our quick responses from our emotions. One time we got into a useless argument about our plans for the evening. We did not see each other for over a week and I really wanted to go out to dinner with him and spend the night with him. When he told me he couldn't because he had an all night meeting with his fraternity I got really angry and I took my emotions out on him. I said things I wish I didn't say.

For times like this, I've learned to take a breather after I receive a negative message. It is better to take a few minutes or even more to get over the quick emotion and respond to the negative message with a reasonable response without my initial emotion.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Business Writing

The business writing I found online is a letter of termination.  As I read the letter, I noticed how the first paragraph is not sincere.  The writer, who is the manager, used words such as regret, and terminated.  However the rest of the letter is very sincere because this company is firing this man for economic reasons, not because he is a bad worker.  The manager follows the letter with six more weekly pays after he gets fired and he is able to keep his dental and medical insurance until the end of the period.  The manager also offers the worker a recommendation letter if he ever wants one.
Over all, I think this is an effective way of writing.  The manager apologizes for firing this worker, and he then offers temporary benefits after his termination.  The manager makes this letter all about the receiver which is very effective.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

corporate speak.

If I am on a business web site that is overly formal and uses too much of their business talk, I won't even both being on the website and I probably wont go back to it.  I would rather visit a website that speaks to me more on my level of communication. There is enough business talk everyday and when I am trying to be a customer for a certain company I do not want them too be overly proper and formal with me.  I don't think this is an effective way for businesses to communicate because not everyone will be interested.  They should speak in a way so the majority of their viewers will enjoy their way of communication so they wont lose customers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Insurance e-mail

Overall the insurance e-mail is very confusing and unclear.  The writer tried explaining the new way they will use e-mails, but does it in a terrible way that I found myself lost many times through out the e-mail.  They used long words, technical words and initials which threw me off.  The writer of this e-mail should have used short words, and familiar words so multiple readers could understand it more.  They should have also explained the new system for e-mail in a short and quick way instead of dragging the process out.