Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Negative Emotional Response

When I receive a negative message, my initial response is going to be negative as well. I go through different emotions depending on what the negative message is. I will either be upset, angry, or even confused. My response is not always the best way to respond. When I respond right away, with the negative emotions I feel at that time, my response is an ugly one. I can over react to the message and make the situation worse than it is.

For example, when my boyfriend and I get into arguments, sometimes we say things we do not mean because of our quick responses from our emotions. One time we got into a useless argument about our plans for the evening. We did not see each other for over a week and I really wanted to go out to dinner with him and spend the night with him. When he told me he couldn't because he had an all night meeting with his fraternity I got really angry and I took my emotions out on him. I said things I wish I didn't say.

For times like this, I've learned to take a breather after I receive a negative message. It is better to take a few minutes or even more to get over the quick emotion and respond to the negative message with a reasonable response without my initial emotion.

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