Thursday, November 17, 2011

Resume Experience

I have absolutely no experience in writing a resume. I have been fortunate enough to have a job within my family businesses though out high school and college. I have never had to write a resume, so I wouldn't know where to begin. I have seen one of my friends write a resume when searching for a job after he finished college. It looked simple enough. He put information about himself, where he went to school, what his major was, all his past jobs with contact information.

I have not heard that much about resume's, except for how long they should be. I have always heard they should be no longer than one page. Now from class I know they should be longer than one page. Also, I've been told to join clubs and other activities. I've heard that you want to be in as many extra activities you can be in to make your resume look better.

I think the traditional resume would work best for me. If i were to write a resume today, I'm not sure my experience would be sufficient enough. My major is exercise and sport science and I am looking to be a physical therapist. I have no experience in that field yet. But if I were to write a resume now, I would write how I have an associates degree at Suny Orange and is currently enrolled at Coastal Carolina University. I would list specific classes that I have taken that are mainly for physical therapy or anything else under sports science. I would then write my job experiences. After that I would end it with extra activities I have been involved with recently.

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