Monday, November 28, 2011

Writing a Resume/Finding a Job

The first video is very helpful. It helped explaining how to write a resume step by step. It even told you how to look for jobs online, and to network for future jobs. The steps were very useful. Originally, I thought a resume was just typing your contact information and then job experiences, and education. The video explains how you do that, but in detail to get the readers attention. In the resume you want to make yourself look very good, so the reader will want to meet you in person and see if you are right for the job. I think this video is very useful for people trying to write a resume, and I would recommend this video to people of all ages. This video can definitely help someone get the job they want.

The second video kind of scared me a bit. The people in the video have made it sound like it is very hard to find a job. They say that most jobs you want will not be found online or in the newspaper. The best way to find a job is by word of mouth, to network. Tell people what kind of job you are looking for and ask them if they know of anything. This scares me for finding a job when i graduate from college. This video is still very useful, it may scare me but I think it is a positive effect because it has opened my eyes to what I will have to do when I graduate.
This video tells other information about resume's and advice in writing them. Again, I find this useful. They give good advice such as be honest, and to use key words to make the reader be interested in you. I will use this in the future when I write my own resume.

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